Adani Enterprises IPO GMP Today, Lot Size, Share Price, Allotment


Adani Enterprises IPO

Know the Adani Enterprises IPO GMP Today, Lot Size, Share Price, and Allotment details from here.

People are searching for investment information about Adani Enterprises to get shares for the year, 2023. Get updated on Adani Enterprises IPO GMP Today, Lot Size, Share Price and Allotment from this article.

Adani Enterprises IPO

Adani Enterprises Ltd is a part of the Adani Group with many associated industries, such as airports, mining, water, solar (manufacture), defence, Agro, Metro and many more.

Adani Enterprises IPO

Adani competes with the Tata Group. As you know, Tata Group is frequently launching its automobile collection and many more products. There is a risk for the IPO GMP for Adani Enterprises. However, the company is already stable in the market and has a good pace with revenue.

About Adani Enterprises

Since 1993. Adani Group is there for the welfare of the Indians in terms of providing them with the facility of electricity, transport and many more.

Gautam Adani is responsible for handling the company’s financial operations; no doubt, he has given a next-level edge to the firm.

Adani Enterprises GMP Today

Rs 50 per share is the IPO GMP Today for Adani Enterprises. Four  IPO shall be available this time. Between 2026 and 2028. 5 units will be ready to be released in the market.

What is an IPO?

Most might not know about IPO, So get the Basic details from here.

IPO, Initial Public Offering, means that a Private organisation is transferring their ownership to a public one. To be more apparent, it means an individual can buy or sell shares for that particular company. For example, an XYZ firm was launched in the year 2000. And now, by 2023, it has gained stability and brand value, and the public can buy the shares to make equal profits.

Now, you might be wondering that in such a way, only you can gain profits and not the company. It helps organisations to grow and expand in the market. The stock exchange is one of the best ways how companies to get huge profits and stability in the market. is the official website where you can get more information about the organisation.

Things to be considered before Applying in IPO

It is essential to know that before investing the amount in the company’s IPO, we should know some financial affairs of the company to understand it better and then has to invest the amount. The details are as follows-
1. Adani Financial Statement
2. Adani Annual Report
3. Adani listed Portfolio

Adani Enterprises IPO Lot Size

As per the recent data, the Lot Size will be 4 for Adani Enterprises. The IPO will be on 27 Jan ’23 to 31 Jan 2023. This will be the right time for your investment in the stock exchange.

If you want to view the listings then it will be available on 08/12/2023 on NSE/BSE. However, the shares are predicted to be allotted on 03/02/2023.

Adani Enterprises IPO Share Price

We have shared the share price for Adani here.

S.No. Per Equity
1. ₹3,112 per equity
2. ₹3,276 per share

This share price is for the investors. We can observe from this data that Adani has a good number of shares that the public can use.

Allotment OF Adani Enterprises IPO

The details regarding the allotment of the IPO are as follows

Particulars  Details 
Adani Enterprises FPO Dates 27 – 31 January 2023
Adani Enterprises FPO Price INR 3,112 – 3,276 per share
Retail Discount INR 64 per share
Fresh issue INR 20,000 crore
Offer For Sale Nil
Total FPO size INR 20,000 crore
Minimum bid (lot size) 4 shares (INR 13,104)
Face Value  INR 1 per share
Retail Allocation 35%
Listing On NSE, BSE

The information in the table above shows that Adani Enterprises is an excellent way to invest in shares. All those planning to invest in Adani will be profitable this time. As the profit/loss and shares are plentiful this time.

Cement and health are the two essential industries the company earns well. With time, there can be changes in any of these according to the demands of the consumers.

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