Android Vs BharOS Features, Launch Date, Required Device Config

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Android Vs BharOS

Know the Android Vs BharOS Features, Launch Date, and Required Device Config from here.

Android is Linux OS that have touch screen and smart features for the users. On the other hand, BharOS is a newly developed OS by IIT Madras students. This OS is generally used by the Government bodies. Let us know more on Android Vs BharOS Features and more details!

Android Vs BharOS Features

Do you remember the time when you used to access those non-android phones which you called as “Button Phones”? Life was simpler, you have to simply make a call and send a message or receive call/message, that’s it.

Android Vs BharOS

Eventually, technological advancements started to take place and smartphones came up with Android, iOS, and more operating systems. Talking about Android OS, these have covered more than 70% of the marketplace in India and the world. Organisations like Google, Samsung, RedMi, Vivo, Oppo, and more selling Android phones while meeting the needs of the users.

Let us know about the Android Vs BharOS Features :

Android Features BharOS Features
User-friendly User-friendly
Customizable Ensures privacy/security for the users
Affordable Native Over the Air (NOTA)
Can be used with other devices such as laptops, computers, etc. Affordable
These have a high storage pace and are expandable No Default Apps (NDA)

From the table above, you might have got the necessary information on Android Vs BharOS Features!

About BharOS

Privacy is one of the main concerns for Smartphone users. Considering the fast lifestyle of people, users want an operating system that meets their daily needs. Indian Institute of Technology Madras students has built an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based operating system. There are many things to know about Android Vs BharOS, continue reading the article!

Developed by JandK Operations Private Limited (JandKops), BharOS is an open-source operating system. This will not be going to save the data of the users unlike Google or any international company. JandK Operations Private Limited (JandKops) is a non-profit organisation under which the project got completed!

It is predicted that almost 1 Billion citizens will get benefitted from this operating system. It is because “data” is the crucial asset of an individual. It comprises information such as bank details, personal information, and more which can be used to perform malicious activities.

Many people have found that by using foreign apps they have suffered a loss of sensitive information. Thus, the Government has taken steps towards helping the citizens!

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BharOS Launch Date

As per the demands of the users for privacy and security for mobile and computing devices, BharOS is developed. This was performed under the Schems, Aatmanirbhar Bharat. BharOS Launch Date is 19th Jan 2023. Android Vs BharOS has been appreciated by Government officials for its efficiency!

The project was funded by the Government of India to benefit the citizens for safe and secure access to their sensitive data.

BharOS Required Device Config

Linux Kernel-based operating system is the most fantastic OS that provides ease of access to the users. The concept of BharOS is built on the same. However, the No Default Apps (NDA) feature has made it different from Android OS. The users can select their own apps to install on the smartphone, there will be no default applications on the device!

It can be predicted that the BharOS Required Device Configuration will be the same as that of Android with slight modifications. Smartphones based on this operating system will surely be liked and used by Indians as per the media reports.

For the entire device config, users will have to wait for some more time.


A self-reliant nation was a dream for Modi Ji when he came into the post of Prime Minister. And now, his objectives are said to be achieved by the talented and skilled students of IIT Madras.

The aim to develop BharOS is to protect the data which Google or other companies was collecting when users are accessing their ios or android OS-based smartphones. To protect the data of the Indian Citizens, the startup, JandKops has successfully built the operating system.

However, Government officials will be using this OS as of now. We will update you when this system will be available for the local citizens!


What is BharOS Launch Date? 

19th Jan’2023

What is the BharOS operating system?

Based on AOSP, BharOS allows users to choose their own set of applications rather than providing its own “Default Apps”

Who are the Developers of BharOS?

Built by IIT Madras, BharOS is an Indian government-funded project promoting Aatmanirbhar Bharat. It will be mainly used on the publicly-accessed or Government systems.

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