Bad Time Simulator: What Is It and Where to Play Online


Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator, also known as “Sans Fight,” is a fan-made game inspired by the popular indie game Undertale. Undertale, created by Toby Fox, gained widespread acclaim for its unique combat system that allowed players to choose between violence and non-violence. One of the most memorable boss battles in Undertale is the encounter with Sans, a skeleton character known for his witty humor and challenging combat style. Bad Time Simulator is a tribute to this iconic battle, allowing players to experience the intense showdown with Sans. In this article, we will delve into what Bad Time Simulator is all about and where you can play it online.

The Story Behind Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator captures the essence of Undertale by recreating the Sans boss battle with remarkable precision. In Undertale, players can choose to befriend or fight various characters they encounter, and the battle with Sans is often considered the ultimate test of a player’s skill and determination.

The Sans fight in Undertale is notorious for its difficulty, with intricate patterns and fast-paced attacks that challenge even the most seasoned gamers. Bad Time Simulator faithfully replicates these challenging mechanics, making it a thrilling experience for fans of Undertale.

Bad Time Simulator

Gameplay and Features

Bad Time Simulator is a browser-based game that emulates the Sans fight from Undertale. Players take on the role of Frisk, the game’s protagonist, and must navigate through a barrage of bone attacks, blasters, and intricate patterns launched by Sans. The goal is to survive Sans’s relentless attacks and eventually win the battle.

Key features of Bad Time Simulator include:

  1. Authenticity: The game stays true to the original Undertale battle, ensuring that fans of the series can relive the experience.
  2. Challenge: The difficulty level of the Sans fight is preserved in Bad Time Simulator, providing a challenging and rewarding gaming experience.
  3. Music: The game includes the iconic Undertale soundtrack, enhancing the overall immersion and nostalgia factor.

Where to Play Bad Time Simulator Online

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, you can play Bad Time Simulator for free online on various gaming websites. To find and play the game, follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Web Browser: Launch your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Search for Bad Time Simulator: Use a search engine to look for “Bad Time Simulator” or “Sans Fight simulator.”
  3. Choose a Trusted Website: Select a reputable gaming website that offers the game. Be cautious of potential pop-up ads or misleading links on some websites.
  4. Start Playing: Once you’ve found a reliable source, you can start playing Bad Time Simulator directly in your web browser.

Please note that the availability and accessibility of Bad Time Simulator may have changed since my last update in September 2021. Ensure you are visiting a legitimate website to play the game and exercise caution while browsing the internet.


Bad Time Simulator is a captivating fan-made tribute to the iconic Sans boss battle from Undertale. It faithfully recreates the challenging gameplay and offers fans a chance to relive the intense showdown with Sans. If you’re a fan of Undertale or enjoy challenging boss battles, Bad Time Simulator is worth a try. Just remember to play it on reputable gaming websites to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Click here to read more amazing article