Cowin Portal Registration- Cowin App Download and Self Registration


Cowin Portal Registration

Cowin Portal Registration- Cowin App Download and Self Registration: The Covid Vaccine Intelligence Work, also known as Cowin, is a virtual program that supports people in registering vaccines for Covid-19. This highly convenient and supremely beneficial policy was launched by the Indian authorities and government to help the people of India to register for their vaccine slots online.

Cowin Portal Registration

This app was created by the Department of Health and Family Welfare and it is still maintained. From this application, you can prefer the areas near your place and easily manage to go. After you receive your certificate of Covid-19, an online certificate will be sent to the number from which you have registered.

You can smoothly download the PDF file and take out a xerox of your Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccine. These vaccines were released in January for diagnosable people and senior citizens.

As the Covid-19 still exists, some people are entirely vaccinated whereas some are still affected by the virus. You can book your slot directly through the Cowin app or the ArogyaSetu app whenever you feel like it; it will help you register Cowin.

How should you register yourself on the Cowin app?

  • Select the option of ‘Register/Sign in yourself.’
  • Fill in the details along with a valid and legal mobile number. Press on ‘Get OTP’ option.
  • You will straight away get an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Then within 180 seconds, you will be asked to provide the OTP and pop the ‘Verify’ option.
  • Once you have entered the correct OTP and it is validated, the ‘Register for Vaccination’ page appears on your phone’s home screen.
  • You will be asked to Enter important information like your name, proof of photo identity, phone number, age, and gender.
  • Hence, the Register option will appear which will be available to you at the bottom right side of the page.
  • As soon as you are finally booked for the booster shot, you will get a confirmation notification regarding that.

Cowin Portal Registration

Cowin App Registration

How to book more than one person on the Cowin app with an already existing mobile number?

  • After one person’s registration is finalised, the system will show all your ‘Account Details.’
  • You are still given the facility to add three more people connected with the same mobile number by pressing on the option of ‘add more.’
  • You are also provided with the delete option, wherein you can remove the people linked with the same mobile number just by selecting the trash icon on the page.

How do you Book a vaccine appointment?

After you are done registering on the Cowin app, you should plan an appointment to finalize your vaccination at a particular center. You also have to select a time of your choice whenever it will be convenient for you.

  1. On the page of the “Account Details” you can register for your arrangement.
  2. You need to press the ‘Schedule’ to finalize the vaccination appointment.
  3. The System detects the ‘Book Appointment for Vaccination’ page.
  4. You can look for the vaccination center by filtering with the district or pin code.
  5. After choosing any center at the panel, your home screen will show the available slots (date and capacity).
  6. You need to pick a time slot of your desire, depending on your convenience.
  7. Press on the ‘Book’ option, and then the ‘Appointment Confirmation’ page will be displayed on your phone.
  8. You need to press ‘Confirm’ after your information is verified.
  9. Once it is completely done, a message as ‘Appointment Successful’ will appear on your screen.
  10. You will immediately get a message notification on the provided mobile number. All the information regarding the time of vaccination, the place of vaccination, and the respective date.

Documents Required for Cowin Portal Registration

The documents mentioned below are essential as you will need them for your registration. These include Service Identity Cards provided to the workers by the Government.

Passbooks which are supplied by Banks or Post Offices can be utilised too. Other than that Driving Licence, pan card, and Health Insurance Smart Card can also serve for the purpose.

The Adhaar cards and passports can be helpful too. Official identity cards are issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs.

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The covid-19 issues are not to be ignored by anyone as the whole world got affected by this pandemic. Hence, if you aren’t vaccinated yet, you should get registered as soon as possible.