Green Comet Visibility Date and Time, See in USA, UK, Europe

Uday Thakur

Green Comet Visibility

Is Green Comet Visibility Possible? Find out the Date and Time and whether it is Seen in USA, UK, and Europe.

If you are not known about comets, then we would like to tell you that comets orbit the sun and are a combination of frozen gases, dust and rock. After 50,000 years, people on Earth will be watching the Green Comet. the green comet was spotted initially in March 2022, inside Jupiter’s orbit. Let us know more about Green Comet Visibility and related details from this article.

Green Comet Visibility

People who have a keen interest in Astronomy must be waiting to see the Green Comet this year. For some people, this would be a realistic, first-time experience in viewing a comet but for many it will be a dream come true. First it was the Jupiter and now Earth as the second planet to experience Green Comet on its orbit.

Green Comet Visibility

In our textbooks, we have studies about the planets which revolve around the Sun. The eclipse that usually happens, the Moon and the Stars. There is another world which exists for which we are not known. It is the wonder of Science that enables us to get the latest information on everything which is happening around us!

You are the absolute website to know the relevant information on the Green Comet. We are also expecting to see it soon. Do not get confused with the stars and the Green Comet. As the name suggests, it will be going to throw a Green light in the sky which will help the people in recognising between the comet and the stars!

What is the Green Comet?

Green Comet is also known as C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was initially observed on the Jupiter’s orbit. Zwicky Transient Facility is a space and research company that has discovered this comet in March 2022 during the night. The scientists got baffled with an asteroid and a comet but its brightness confirmed that it is a Comet only. They carefully observed the elements and found that there is a cloud of gas that is making its color appear as “Green” and so it is a COMET. They compared the intensity of the comet as a cat in the space. It is fluffy, full of energy, and is moving wherever it wants like a Cat!

So, this was the whole concept behind the “Green Comet“.

Green Comet Visibility Date and Time

Now that technology has evolved everything has become easier. Whether to communicate with each other or with Space! You don’t know how many Galaxies are there and how many lives are happening on the unknown planets of those galaxies. This all is simply based on predictions.

With the usage of Satellites, rockets and other technological gadgets, we can get the latest information on Space elements.

Thursday, January 12, was the day and day when the people saw the Green Comet for the first time. It is expected that people can see the Green Comet in the month of February. The comet will be 26 million miles away from Earth, closer to the stars that we see every day at night.

Moreover, NASA is researching the same. Green Comet Visibility in India shall be on 1st or 2nd Feb 2023 according to the scientists. However, this is not the accurate time or date. Scientists will reveal the actual date when they will get a slight idea on the Green Comet Visibility.

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Green Comet See in USA, UK, Europe

People around the world are so much excited to view the Green Comet. USA residents have already seen the comets many a time. But this time also they will get to see it. How lucky these people are!

Individuals who are living in the UK region must keep their eyes towards the north-east horizon. This will brief them about the Green Comet. The comet is visible to the naked eye, thus, individuals might see it from the Earth.

Comet Name  Year 
McNaught 2007
Lovejoy 2011

These were seen under the Southern Hemisphere skies.

If you want to see the Green Comet, then you must probably see it before sunrise! It will appear clearly in the sky. As we have discussed above, the Green Comet Visibility date is February, the individuals must get prepared with their cameras to get the recording.

Well, the media channels will LIVE Stream the green comet for everyone. If you have any relatives or friends staying in these countries then you must surely get in touch with them to get the Green Comet Visibility!


We are so busy in our everyday lives that we never look out for natural beauty. Sun, stars, Moon, Galaxy and thousands of comets revolve around the Earth, but we barely observe them.

But science and researchers have made it possible for us to know about Space and its essentials. NASA, ISRO and other space research organisations keep on experimenting with the comets. They have finally out something that would mesmerise the local public.

Thank You for Visiting NINIndia! Stay Tuned with our website to get the Latest Updates on such interesting facts like Green Comet Visibility!