iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Release Date, Download, Features, Update

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iOS 16.4 Beta

Know the crucial details about iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Release Date, Download, Features, and Update from here.

An operating System is the most important part of a mobile device. The applications which you use are activated because of an OS only. Apple has just ended their Beta Program. Come, let us get updated on iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Release Date and more details from this article.

iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Release Date

There is an excellent news for the iOS users that the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile is Released last week by the Developers.

iOS 16.4 Beta Profile

A significant improvement is done in the features and functionalities for the ease of access to the users. Kindly continue scrolling to know the details.

How to Download iOS 16.4 Beta Profile?

You must visit the leading portal to download the latest version. If you are unable to download it then you can visit to the nearest Apple Store (offline).

Step 1 The option of configuration will be directly available on Apple’s home page. Check the instructions carefully and move ahead to the download process.

Step 2 Now, Connect your device to Wi-Fi (strong wireless network)

Step 3 Tap Settings > General > Software Update

Step 4 Click on the Download and Install button

Step 5 Click, “Update Now”

The users will have to enter the lock screen password to continue with the downloading process!

Installation Process

After the product is successfully downloaded in the mobile, you have to install it by using the steps :

Step 1 Check the storage space. If your device will not have the desired space then the software will not be installed

Step 2 In your device, go to the settings option

Step 3 Now, check for updates

Step 4 If you have already downloaded the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile then click on “Install”

Step 5 Kindly note that your device will reboot after installing the Beta version. This process might take up to several minutes. Thus, you need to wait for some time.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile on your smartphone. You can also visit the official website if you face any trouble. We would like to acknowledge the iOS users that there is no confirm news regarding the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Release Date. However, we will keep you updated on the same at NINIndia!

About Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs (1971-2011) has given the world, the most amazing operating system ever; Apple iOS! Long did he work with a passion for the success of the brand? You can notice it by yourself in the modifications of the product from then and now.

iPhone OS 1 was the 1st smartphone operating system which was released in 2007. It gave the users essential functionalities and features besides making a call and sending/receiving messages. It had a Calendar, Settings, Weather, Clock, Maps, Photos, Notes, iTunes and more for iOS users.

However, the world is changing at a faster pace and so there is a need for a change in the operating system as well. Thus, iOS 16.4 Beta Profile is developed. It is fast, reliable, and remarkable as compared to the previous versions!

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iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Features

After the Apple Beta Software Program, there are some of amazing features that are included in iOS. These are listed below :

  • Message can be sent in 2 minutes than 15 minutes duration
  • Customizable email application
  • LIVE Notification will be shown even when the screen is locked
  • New and stylish wallpapers
  • And More

iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Update

Bugs are a common problem that occurs in every device. To make the devices to more s sophisticated for the users, this time the Apple company has made some changes in the OS.

On many unofficial websites, it is written that the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile is already launched but there is no update officially.


There have been several versions introduced for Apple iOS by now. But the demand of the users and the production keeps on increasing. This helps the overall company’s growth and increase in revenue.

However, after the installation and usage of the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile, do not forget to drop a comment for us here.


What are the Features of the iOS 16.4 Beta Profile?

  • Message speed is enhanced to 2 minutes
  • Customizable email application
  • LIVE Notifications
  • New and stylish wallpapers
  • And More

What is iOS 16.4 Beta Profile Release Date?

To Be Announced

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