Kia EV9 Launch Date in India, Price, Features, Dimension

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Kia EV9 Launch Date

Know the Kia EV9 Launch Date in India, Price, Features, and Dimension from the necessary details that are shared in this article.

These days, you might have seen KIA is front of every other house. Consider the style, mileage, or distinct features; the car has occupied a special place in the Indian homes! Comfortable seating, driving and transmission has led to the evolution of the new and amazing car! Let us know more about Kia EV9 Launch Date and other information.

Kia EV9 Launch Date in India

Kia was merely seen in India a few years back and now it is on the mouth of every Indian. The features, mileage, motor and other functionalities have made people to give a second thought on purchasing Kia!

Kia EV9 Launch Date

In Auto Expo 2023, Kia EV9 details were exposed to the public. The event was successfully ended by revealing many new automobile details to the people. It is understood from the event that Kia EV9 is packed with a large battery pack and can cover a long distance in terms of driving.

About Kia EV9

Kia EV9 is the dream car for many riders! This is an electric SUV car that can be driven off to 540 km with a single charge. As per recent news, the model is selling faster in the United States. And why not, EV9 has solar panels for a wide range in display with dual sunroof.

In 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, EV9 concept was broadly discussed. The experts said that is one of the car model which is more than an imagination an automobile lover could have. It is more comfortable than other car models.

The expected launch date in India is April 2025. Absolutely, the time is too long to come to India but the producers decide it.

Kia EV9 Price

If you are wondering how much you will have to spend on this fantastic car, then you are at the right place to know about it.

Rs 80 lakh (ex-showroom)

This is the price in India after its launch.

Kia EV9 Images

We have shared some of the Kia EV9 pictures for you here.

Front-Interior Appearance: Most drivers are obsessed with the interiors of a car. But this one is something different. EV9 offers a stylish dashboard with likable features for all. The powerful and stylish steering will allow you to drive smooth and with fun!

Kia EV9

Back Appearance: Whether it is the front or the back appearance, EV9 is superb in design. It has been made with unique features that make it impressive from all angles.

Kia EV9

Sunroof and Seating: EV9 has a cosy seating arrangement for your and your close ones. Thye can even take a rest while car is being on the tough roads! Proper ventilation will give an amazing view of outside.

Kia EV9

You can choose from the different colors (as available) according to your choice in the showroom.

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Kia EV9 Features

Before the Kia EV9 Launch Date, the buyers must know the features. These will help them decide whether they should buy the model.

Name of the Model Kia EV9
Range (in km) 483 km (336 miles)
Production by Kia
EV9 Measurements 4,929mm (L), 2,055mm (W), and 1,790mm (H)
Steering Wheel Pop Out
Design Digital
wheelbase 3,100mm
display  27-inch digital display
Battery Power 77.4kWh battery
Car is made with Recycled Materials

It has a feature of quick charge from 10% to 80%.


Kia EV9 Dimensions

We were getting requests frequently from buyers regarding the Kia EV9 dimensions. So, we have discussed them below :

Particulars Specific Details
Electric Car Engine Kia EV9
Battery Capacity 77.5kWh
Transmission Single Speed
Battery Type Lithium-ion battery
Voltage 800 voltage
Motor Type E-GMP
Max. Torque 605 Nm
 Speed 185 kmph
Performance (0-100 kmph) 5.2 seconds
Maximum Power 569 hp

After viewing the above-listed dimensions, you can make a firm decision to purchase the all-new Kia EV9 after the Kia EV9 Launch Date.

Kia EV9 Launch Date Reviews

Kia America, Inc. has been continuously developing excellent car models for the ease of the riders. They are considering every single fact and aspect that could lead to comfortable riding. One such model is EV9. After EV6, the company thought to make a model that ywouold be beyond imagination and so, Kia EV9 is made.

Most people are appreciating the undoubtful capabilities the model is offering. Many are impressed with the fine dimensions while other are getting flaunt by its look. People are saying that after Range Rover, we would surely want to have EV9  in our car collection. The superb battery power, speed and motor is driving people crazy for the latest model of Kia.


In this article, we had discussed in detail for Kia EV9 Launch Date and other details. The car is worth spending money whether you will be going to use for long drives or regular drive, it is perfect in all sense. Your family, friends, children, and moreover, you will be going to  get an entirely different experience with it!

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