Robot 3.0 Release Date, Trailer, Prediction, Cast, Storyline, Budget

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Robot 3.0 Release Date

Know the essential details about Robot 3.0 Release Date, Trailer, Prediction, Cast, Storyline, and Budget

Robot 3.0 Release Date

The first 2 parts of the Robot movie were a super hit. Starring Cast Rajnikanth has performed so well in the film that it has forced the Producers to release its Third Part.

Robot 3.0 Release Date

The 2010 version was Directed by S. Shankar and we all know the publicity that it has received from the public. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had performed with Rajnikanth in the initial part of Robot. Let us know about the Robot 3.0 Release Date from this article.

Robot 3.0 Storyline

The Hero is a Scientist who conducts research for several years to make a Robot. He teaches everything to the Robot starting from language to emotions. Little did he knew that the Robot starts to develop lovable feelings for the Scientist’s Girlfriend and builds hatred for him.

As the days passes by, Robot wishes to be stronger and powerful so that it can defeat the Scientist and win over the love of his girlfriend. The Robot influences the enemy of the Scientist to make him more effecient. Later, Robot start to destroy the city and world in the greed of becoming more and more powerful. The story ends when the Scientist plans to destroy the Robot permanently.

Robot 3.0 Cast

Knowing the Varasudu OTT Release Date, people would also like to know more about the Robot 3.0 Cast. Tiger Shroff will be in the lead role following other actors and actresses. Tiger Shroff is quite popular for his action films and amazing dance moves. After Hrithik Rishan, an actor who have won hearts of the public in terms of dance is Tiger. Even the young kids like the actor so much.

  • Sabu Cyril
  • Tiger Shroff
  • Danny
  • Hanifa
  • Shriya Sharma
  • Santhanam
  • And More

A R Rahman NINIndia

Music will be given by A R Rahman. He is one of the popular singers who have many years of experience by now. He has sung for many Bollywood films, Tamil and Telugu films. His voice is like music to the ears to many of his fans.

Robot 3.0 Trailer

Watching the Trailer digs out information regarding a particular movie. If we talk about Robot then it has emerged the audience in one loop. Viewers can watch the Robot 3.0 Official Trailer on YouTube. The Trailer will allow the audience to know about the actors/actresses who will be performing in the film, the concept, genre, music and so much more.

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Robot 3.0 Release Date Prediction

After the two successful parts, the makers are now making the Robot 3.0. It is predicted that this version will have more action, drama, and a really different concept.

It is assumed that the Robot 3.0 Release Date shall be 2023 or early 2024. The official date has not been announced by the producers. Thus, the viewers will have to wait for some time to know the exact date.

Robot 3.0 Budget

Rs 550 crores was the overall budget of the movie for the last version. It is assumed that the makers will be reaching a maximum amount, thus, Robot 3.0 Budget shall be higher. Also, the movie will be released in different languages which will make it suitable for the viewers. This tactic will also help the makers to generate good revenue from Robot 3.0

How to Watch Robot 3.0 on an OTT Platform?

The viewers who are unable to visit the Cinemas after the official release of the film would like to watch it on the over-the-top platform. They can follow the easy procedure to download the OTT platform on their mobile device and watch the film.

Step 1 At first, you will have to download the OTT Platform. It can be Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar or any other.

Step 2 Now, you have to complete the registration and log in to OTT. Viewers will be required to enter their name, contact number, email address, etc.

Step 3 Search for Robot 3.0 in the search bar and Click on “Watch”

Step 4 The movie will be played within no time. There might be an ad played after that you can watch the film

Step 5 Choose the language, video quality, and subtitles according to your viewing preferences

By following the aforementioned steps, you will be able to watch the movie conveniently.


What is Robot 3.0 Release Date? 

2023 or 2024

How Can I watch Robot 3.0?

Viewers can either visit a nearby Cinema or can watch the movie on an over-the-top platform.

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