Shivani Dubey Biography, Husband, Age, Height, Qualification, Real Name

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Shivani Dubey Biography

Get the crucial information on Shivani Dubey Biography, Husband, Age, Height, Qualification, and her Real Name

With Scorpio as a zodiac sign, Shivani has started her freelance writing, producing and editing few years back. Let us know more specific details on Shivani Dubey Biography from this article.

Shivani Dubey Biography

Shivani’s personality is cute-looking, thin, and charming. His good looks is one of the reason that she looks so attractive. She is been in news from the past few months as she has got married to the popular study coach, Physics Wallah’s founder (Alakh Pandey).

Shivani Dubey Biography

Shivani Dubey Net Worth is ₹ 45 to ₹ 50 thousand. Her interest in reading and writing has made her a pro in writing many good books such as VICE, Refinery29, Digital Spy,The Hindu and Affinity Magazine. You will find these editions both online and offline. She belongs to a Hindu Culture.

Shivani Dubey Husband

People were excited to know who is the lucky one to have such a talented girl in his life.

Alakh Pandey (Founder and CEO of Physics Wallah) is the Husband of Shivani Dubey

It has been almost 2 years that Alakh and Shivani were dating. But the last summer was the time when both of them decided to live happily ever after. The couple has got popular in the media before they were not married. After struggles, they finally got married.

Shivani Dubey Biography Age

She was leading a normal life with her family until she decided to continue writing as her passion. She transformed her writing style into the professionalism that many people appreciate. In a very young age, she is forecasted her writing skills to the world.

Do you wanna know the age of this girl? She is 28 years old with a good career, a supportive family and a loving husband. We will be discussing more details about Shivani further in this article.

Shivani Dubey Biography Height

There are many few people who make upto bringing a good name to their respective state. One such individual is Shivani who is a Journalist by profession. Her Master’s degree has proved to be useful in bringing up great concepts in writing. Entertainment, Culture, Politics, etc are some of the niches in which she writes. Her writing has a maturity, a deep meaning and is based on true facts. Moving onto discussing her height criteria then she is 160 cm or 5 Feet and 7 Inches. This measurement completely suits her personality.

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Shivani Dubey Biography Family Details

Shivani has learned ethics and culture from her parents. In Prayajraj, she has spent her entire childhood and teenage. The freelance journalist has two sisters; Himani and Pallavi Dubey. Three of them have intense love and care for each other. You will find some of the amazing pics of the sisters on the internet.

With time and career requirements, Shivani moved ahead in his life. She had found Alakh as her life partner. The writer has suggested some amazing taglines for Physics Wallah that has stolen the vision of many students to study from this education point only.

Shivani Dubey Educational Qualification

Academic growth is vital irrespective of who you are; a normal individual or a celebrity. If we talk about Shivani then she is M.Sc. in Chemistry. Her education makes her a perfect fit for writing which is also a hobby for her. Her entire education has been completed in the Uttar Pradesh state only.

Shivani Dubey Real Name

Many people would wanted to know about the actual name of Shivani. They were continuously commenting on many of our articles, so, we would like to reveal the beautiful girl’s real name here. People who are closer to her also call her as ‘Babita’. She has got this name from her family when she was at Prayagraj. After that, she made her school name as the permanent one.


What is the Net Worth of Shivani Dubey?

₹ 45 to ₹ 50 thousand

Who is the Husband of Shivani Dubey?

Alakh Pandey

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