The Best 15 Tekken Characters Ranked: Unleash the Fury!


List Of Best Tekken Characters

Tekken, the iconic fighting game franchise, has been captivating gamers with its intense battles and diverse roster of characters for decades. With each installment, the Tekken universe has introduced new fighters, each with their own unique styles and backgrounds. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Tekken and rank the best 15 characters based on their popularity, abilities, and impact on the series. So, tighten your belts and prepare for an epic showdown as we unveil the top contenders in the Tekken arena.

List Of Best Tekken Characters

List Of Best Tekken Characters

  1. Kazuya Mishima: The Devil Incarnate

Kicking off our list is none other than Kazuya Mishima. Known for his iconic “Devil Gene,” Kazuya has been a central figure in the Tekken saga. His ruthless fighting style and epic battles with his father, Heihachi, have solidified his place as one of the most iconic characters in the series.

  1. Heihachi Mishima: The Iron Fist Tyrant

Heihachi, the eternal rival of Kazuya, takes the second spot. His grizzled appearance and brutal martial arts moves have made him a fan favorite for years. His legacy as the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and his complicated relationships with his family make him a fascinating character in Tekken lore.

  1. Jin Kazama: The Torn Warrior

Jin, the son of Kazuya and grandson of Heihachi, is a character brimming with complexity. His internal struggle with the Devil Gene and his quest for redemption add depth to his character. His fighting style, a combination of traditional martial arts and Mishima-style, has also won over fans.

  1. Nina Williams: The Silent Assassin

Nina, the cool and calculating assassin, has been a mainstay in the Tekken series since its inception. Her icy demeanor, acrobatic moves, and rivalry with her sister, Anna, make her a compelling character.

  1. Paul Phoenix: The Blonde Brawler

Paul’s iconic hair and blazing punches have made him a legend in the Tekken universe. His unwavering belief in his own abilities and his quest to become the world’s greatest martial artist give him a unique charm.

  1. Hwoarang: The Taekwondo Prodigy

Hwoarang, the fiery Taekwondo practitioner, represents South Korea in the Tekken tournament. His quick and dynamic fighting style, along with his backstory, make him a standout character in the series.

  1. King: The Wrestling Luchador

King, with his mysterious persona and masked identity, is the embodiment of the classic wrestling character. His flashy wrestling moves and his commitment to helping orphans give him a special place in the hearts of Tekken fans.

  1. Yoshimitsu: The Enigmatic Swordsman

Yoshimitsu, a character with a rich history in the series, wields a unique blend of swordsmanship and unorthodox techniques. His bizarre appearance and enigmatic nature make him an unforgettable character.

  1. Ling Xiaoyu: The Schoolgirl Fighter

Xiaoyu, the cheerful and agile schoolgirl, brings a refreshing element to the Tekken roster. Her unique fighting style, which incorporates Chinese martial arts and acrobatics, sets her apart.

  1. Marshall Law: The Kung Fu Master

Marshall Law, inspired by Bruce Lee, is the embodiment of classic Kung Fu in Tekken. His charisma and determination to prove himself as a martial artist are truly inspiring.

  1. Lei Wulong: The Jackie Chan of Tekken

Lei, with his playful yet skilled fighting style, draws inspiration from Jackie Chan’s films. His ability to mimic different martial arts styles adds an element of unpredictability to his battles.

  1. Asuka Kazama: The Peaceful Fighter

Asuka, a relative of the Mishima family, stands out for her gentle demeanor and defensive fighting style. Her quest to bring harmony to her family’s conflict is a captivating storyline.

  1. Steve Fox: The British Boxing Phenom

Steve, with his boxing gloves and lightning-fast punches, represents the UK in the tournament. His mysterious past and desire to uncover the truth about his origins make him an intriguing character.

  1. Kuma/Panda: The Bear Tag Team

These lovable animal fighters bring a touch of humor to Tekken. Kuma and Panda’s unique fighting styles and their role as Heihachi’s loyal pets make them fan favorites.

  1. Eddy Gordo: The Capoeira Maestro

Eddy’s fluid and dance-like Capoeira fighting style sets him apart from the rest. His quest for justice and redemption in the series adds depth to his character.


The Tekken series has given us an incredible array of characters, each with their own unique stories and fighting styles. Whether you prefer the ruthless brawlers like Kazuya and Heihachi or the more unconventional fighters like Yoshimitsu and Lei, Tekken has something for everyone. As the series continues to evolve, we can’t wait to see which new characters will join the ranks of these iconic fighters in future installments. Until then, keep practicing your combos and get ready for the next epic battle in the Tekken universe!  Click here to read more amazing article