TTD Online Booking Link – Special Entry 300 Rupee Ticket Booking

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TTD Online Booking Link

Get the TTD Online Booking Link – Special Entry 300 Rupee Ticket Booking from the essential details shared in this article. So if you are searching for ways to buy tickets for the exclusive darshan of the Tirupati Balaji, then you are at the right place. We will be going to share the essential details of the ticket booking here.

TTD Online Booking Link

Tirupati Balaji is one of the most popular pilgrimage centres for Hindus, especially for the South Indians and the ‘Krishna Devotees’. Every year, every month and every second several people visit the temple, which is located at Tiruvananthapuram in South India. The factual thing to know is that not only Indians but foreigners also come to visit the temple.

TTD Online Booking Link

To book the tickets online, you have to visit the official website. We have shared the steps in the next section which will be helpful for you. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, TTD Online Booking Link is available in this article. Scroll down to know more relevant information.

TTD Special Entry 300 Rupee

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam board is responsible for managing the online ticketing for the Tirupati Dham. The individuals who want to get special entry into the temple must pay Rs 300 for the purpose. They can perform online ticket bookings to get the tickets instantly.

The initial step is portal login. After logging into the portal, the individuals can also check the availability of special entry tickets. People who want to visit the temple in the month of December 2022 can start to book special entry tickets online. We have discussed the quick and easy steps in the upcoming sections. Kindly note that Sarva Darshan is ticket is free for all devotees, the charges are only for Special Entry into the temple.

Significance of Tirupati

Other names of Tirupati are Balaji, Govinda, and Srinivasa. This pilgrimage is also known as “Bhuloka Vaikuntam”, according to the local people. The temple was founded and built by a Tamil King. Later, a Queen of Pallava, Samvai, offerd 2 parcels of land and jewels. She thought that the devotees could celebrate the festivals and other occasions on this land. Tirupati is a temple of Lord Vishnu, who came to Earth to guide the devotees so that they can reach to salvation. The amazing facts about this place are

  • Devotees who address their wish in front of the Lord is fulfilled when they offer their entire hair.
  • The eyes of Lord Vishnu’s Idol are covered because the radiations are so powerful that ordinary eyes cannot see it. However, the Pandits uncover the Idol’s eyes on Thursdays.
  • Tirupati is the wealthiest God according to the statistics of other pilgrimage centres of India.

The people communicate in the Telugu language; however, if you are new to the city, you can speak English to everyone, including shopkeepers, local citizens or anyone else.

TTD Ticket Booking

Earlier, the Ticket Booking process was quite challenging for the devotees; they had to stand in a queue while waiting for the tickets. You will not believe sometimes people used to get tickets within 4 to 5 days. Not only this, but after getting the ticket, the devotees have to stand in lines to wait for the Tripati Darshan.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic struck the country, offline ticket booking was suspended by the higher authorities of TTD. Thus, the ticket services were made online. This helped several devotees to book the tickets prior to the darshan at anytime and from anywhere.

Now, visitors can book tickets, accommodation, and food and can find other facilities. They can also check the status of ticket bookings whether these are confirmed or not.

TTD Booking Sign Up for New User

No worries if you are new to accessing the TTD website, you can follow the steps below to sign up for the leading portal.

  • Step-1 The new users have to sign up to the portal to perform the further login operation on the site
  • Step-2 They have to enter their details such as name, contact number, date of birth, country, state, photo ID Proof, etc
  • Step-3 Kindly note that it is important to fill out the fields that are marked in a red star
  • Step-4 Click on continue
  • Step-5 This will generate your user ID and Password for the TTD booking

We hope that these steps would be effective for you to sign up for the portal. If you still face any issues then you can drop a comment for us here.

How to Do TTD Online Booking?

“Om Namo Venkatesya”

If you are a hard-core devotee of Tirupati who wants to visit the temple at least once, follow the step-by-step procedure to book the TTD tickets online.

  • Step-1 Browse the main website for TTD
  • Step-2 You have to log in to the portal using the valid credentials
  • Step-3 After clicking on “Login” from the home page, you will see the screen as shown in the image above
  • Step-4 The individuals have to enter their mobile number
  • Step-5 Now, click on “Generate OTP”
  • Step-6 After successfully logging in to the portal, the individuals can access the website
  • Step-7 Click on “Special Entry”
  • Step-8 Now, enter the details as required
  • Step-9 Confirm the COVID-19 Vaccine Details
  • Step-10 Choose date of Darshan
  • Step-11 Complete the additional requirements of prasad, the total number of people for whom you have to book the tickets, rooms (if needed) etc
  • Step-12 Pay the amount using an online payment method such as net banking, UPI, credit/debit card etc
  • Step-13 Click on the “submit” button

So, these were some of the steps that can be useful for the people or devotees who want to visit Tirupati! Each member of the family has to purchase a ticket. They can choose the option when they are booking the tickets online to select one or more tickets for Darshan.

Official Website

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