Pink Moon 2023 Date & Time – Country Wise Time (13 April)

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Pink Moon

Know the Pink Moon 2023 Date & Time – Country Wise Time (13 April)

Not everyone is fond of Space, Research and Technology. Some people like to explore these things a lot. That is why, we are sharing the Pink Moon 2023 Date & Time with you considering your specific interests.

Pink Moon 2023

Generally, a Full Moon is known to be the Pink Moon by many people. It was at its peak on 6th April 2023, which was also Poornima (पूर्णिमा) according to the Hindu Calendar. Individuals perform fasting on this day and do charity for the sake of others. According to Hindu Mythology, people worship the God ‘Satyanarayan’ on this day.

Pink Moon was glowing at its highest during the daytime, but we can only see its bright light after the sunset. Most people like to visit the mountain area to take benefit of the full moon. They find it romantic and attractive at the same time. The Pink Moon appears to be beautiful is there is no pollution or clouds in the sky, then it looks incredible with the shining stars.

Pink Moon

The colour of the Pink moon is white to the naked eye but from scientific instruments, you can view it as slightly yellowish in colour. Logically, it is not pink in colour. The researchers have named it like this to bifurcate from the different variations of the Moon.

Pink Moon Date & Time 2023

13th April 2023 is the date and Thursday is the day when the Pink Moon will be visible to us. On 5th April 2023, the moon was risen as a full moon, leaving a bright light in the sky. The time was 12:37 am when people watched it from their rooftops while some of them clicked its picture.

The moon was peaceful, bright and appealing at that moment. It is said that one who watches this kind of moon gets lucky with his/her life and career. Skywatchers are finding it as a Golden opportunity to watch the sky with a beautiful moon embedded in it. They wait for a whole year to have a graceful gaze at the moon.

Significance of Pink Moon in India

Pink Moon is known for various occasions according to the different religions in India. Let us first tell you why is it called a Pink Moon. During the Spring Season, flowers blossom which originates Phlox subulata. Another name for Phlox subulata is moss pink.

People who follow Buddhism, call Pink Moon Bak Poya that memorise them about the help that Lord Buddha gave to the chiefs in Sri Lanka. Hindus relate the appearance of the Pink Moon to the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. They call it Pesach or Passover Moon. On the other hand, Christians call it Paschal Moon as they relate it to Easter.

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Pink Moon Country Wise Time (13 April)

On 13 April, the pink moon will be a quarter of its actual size. It can be conveniently visible to the eyes. If you are someone who is fond of watching the Moon then you might have seen the Full Moon on 5th April 2023. It was the full moon of Spring which was adored by many individuals. On 20th April 2023, Thursday moon will appear dark and will be ready to shine brightly from the next lunar cycle. You can say that it is the effect of waxing on the moon by the Sun!

The new moon brings a new direction for the people associated with some religions. In Telugu, the calendar is formed according to the Moon and not the sun. Although India is one the cultures are different. This sounds a bit weird that a calendar is created according to the Sun but this is how the people live their lives in South India.


It does not matter how technology influences our living some things like nature will never change. It is we, humans who are polluting the environment rest nature is a blessing to us! Rather than making it dirty, we should clean it. Then only it will be a safe and amazing place to live our lives. Pink Moon is coming on the auspicious time of Easter when people will be going to celebrate and watch the Moon!

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