UP Nikay Chunav 2023 Reservation List, Seats, Nomination, Date


UP Nikay Chunav

UP Nikay Chunav 2023 Reservation List, Seats, Nomination, Date

UP Nikay Chunav Reservation list will be released on 15th January 2023. Get updated on
UP Nikay Chunav 2023 Reservation List, Seats, Nomination and Date from this article.

UP Nikay Chunav 2023

From the press media and other sources, it is come to know that the UP government will conduct the UP Nikay Chunav in April or May 2023. Sir CM Yogi has said that all their leaders to make a firm hold and also give guidance on the look Sabha election. All the leaders were also told to see which areas are required regarding the purpose of development So that they could do it as early as possible. CM Yogi also told his party members to conduct a formal meeting with their local businesses to decide on the weak areas of their region. The reason behind this meeting is to improve their areas and also to establish new facilities for the residents.

UP Nikay Chunav

UP government has established a committee regarding the reservation of the OBC Category of a candidate, and on 23rd January, the Committee will come to Gorakhpur to declare the result.
The court has also given the notice regarding the reservation. In the meeting, they all targeted the Department of Energy (ऊर्जा विभाग), the Electricity department, the New transformer and the Electricity Bill.
Some of the members also talked about the employees of the PWD department in that particular meeting.
CM Yogi has said that Strict action is required against these issues. Also, CM Yogi has said to all his team leaders about looking Sabha Election regarding policies to be formed and to win with as many seats as possible.

UP Nikay Chunav Reservation List 2023

On the 5th of December, the high court of Lucknow rejected the draft notification. The court has also ordered the Yogi Government to conduct the election without reservation. Also, the high court of Lucknow has said that the Supreme Court of India has to conduct the triple test. Till then, no reservation is going to be valid. Regarding this situation, the high of Lucknow has also rejected the rapid survey of OBC held in 2017. The court’s judges, Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya and Saurabh Lavania, 93 districts, made the decisions.

UP Nikay Chunav Reservation List

In this situation, Uttar Pradesh may go with the Supreme Court, and now as per the High Court of Lucknow, the reserved seats will be the seats of the General Category of the Candidate. Also, it is declared by the court that to give reservation to the OBC Category candidate, they need to form a committee, and thereafter, the court has also said that they have broken the rules in the 2014 and 2017 elections. Now with the Same data, they are conducting the election, which is why the court has rejected the data. After all these issues, Now the court has given the decision, and it is expected that the election is going to be held in the month of April or May.

UP Nikay Chunav Seats 2023

The Uttar Pradesh Nikay Chunav list is shown below in the table-

UP Nikay Chunav Seats

1. Nagar Palika Parishad 200 Seats
2. President of Panchayat 545 Seats

UP Nikay Chunav Nomination 2023

If any member wants to participate in the Nikay Chunav of Nagar Palika, then the candidate can do expenditure only amount to rupees 20000. If any member wants to participate in the Nagar Parishad, then he can spend a total expenditure of 40000, but if the population of the ward is more than 10000, then the candidate can expend the amount of 80000. The leader of the Jila Nirwachan can expend up to a total amount of 18 lakhs. All the Participants can not extend the amount, and if they extend more than the limit that the government prescribes, then their application may be rejected or may be out of election or anything.

UP Nikay Chunav Date 2023

The UP Nikay Chunav Dates are shown below in the table-

UP Nikay Chunav Dates

1. UP Nikay Chunav April or May 2023 (Explained)

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